My Bio

Up until five years ago, most of my life had been spent moving from place to place, but when my wife and I decided to move to Milton it was to stay.  We quickly fell in love with our new town, and that love has only grown since.  Today, we are the proud parents of a two year old daughter, and I can’t imagine a better place for her to call home.

In running for town council, my goal is to help our town grow into the Milton of the future: a bustling hub of education and culture, where people can both work and live; a place with a thriving local economy that retains the charm and peace of a small town.  Through living in different parts of the country, and the world, I’ve had the opportunity to see how other municipalities are run. Because of this, I believe I can bring a new, exciting perspective to council this fall.

Milton is growing, and as our community grows it becomes more diverse.  My wife, Su, and I met in Korea; it’s where she was raised, and where I lived for several years teaching English.  Culture is something to be celebrated. The team that I have assembled to help with my campaign embodies these values. While our differences are what make us unique–and what keep life interesting–our love of peace and of our families is what binds us together.  It forms the basis of our community.  As Ward 1 councillor, I would make it a priority to celebrate Milton’s diversity, as well as our shared values, through festivals and events we can all enjoy together.

Outside of politics, I manage large-scale construction projects.  These projects not only take a great deal of personal drive and determination to complete, they also take an immense amount of teamwork.  By working with council to solve our challenges together, and by sharing my knowledge of new technologies and innovative building practices to help our city grow, I believe I can make Ward 1, and Milton as a whole, a better place to live for urban and rural residents alike.

It is my hope that you will allow me to bring my vision for the future to town council this fall, and my humble request that on October 22 you vote Chris Jewell for Ward 1 councillor–a vote for the community, the celebration of diversity, and the future.

Warm regards,