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Get the budget under control

Not only do we need to get the budget under control, the budget format needs to be simplified for clarity.  The town budget does not need to be 450 pages long.  It needs to be simplified so that the average person can easily understand what’s happening.

What is IPD?

Here’s a great write up (even if it is Wikipedia)

Unfair Rural Taxes

In the past, to make up for budget shortfalls, the town has placed an unfair burden on rural residents.  Rural residents are being taxed at the same rate the urban residents are, but they don’t receive many town services.  We need to fix this, it just isn’t right.

Say no to the Tax increase

The budget calls for exponential tax increases.  If you started with a $400 tax bill look where you end up!  $400 is roughly what I pay every couple months.  When politicians talk about seniors and the poor, its funny they never look at what taxes do to them!  How can a senior, on a fixed income manage their budget with exponential tax growth?

Have a look at this table to see what’s going to happen with your taxes unless we make synergistic positive changes!

Increase Transit Service and Decrease cost

“We are facing a 17.31% tax increase over two years in order to simply MAINTAIN existing service levels!  This is unacceptable.  I will work with council to see this doesn’t happen.  I believe fresh ideas, like selling the busses and subsidizing Ride-sharing services like Uber( check out what Innisfil did) will not only save money but actually INCREASE service!”

Unfair rural taxes


  • Inflation / Year
  • 0.9% 2014
  • 2% 2015
  • 1.1% 2016
  • 1.4% 2017
  • 2.0% 2018
  • PROJECTED 1.9% 2019
  • Tax Increase
  • 3.63%
  • 3.4%
  • 5.83%
  • 5.3% (Rural 11.86%)
  • 5.6% (Rural 11.14%)
  • 12.82%

Hamilton 2018 residential tax rates

Synchronized stop lights: an affordable, practical and proven solution for traffic

Synchronized stop lights: an affordable, practical and proven solution for traffic.

Milton Transit Master Plan

Milton was already considering subsidizing Uber for transit. Instead, they decided to subsidize taxis. Uber for transit is a very real possibility and a viable, proven, cheaper alternative to conventional transit. The groundwork is here for us to make it a reality.—Final-Report_WEB.pdf

Understanding how your property taxes work

Click here to view the document to see how your property taxes work and what the municipal government does with them

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