My Platform

The Synergistic Approach

In order to prevent the proposed tax increase, we need to look at the big picture. No problem exists in isolation.  Through considering a wide range of issues, I’m confident we can avoid the tax increase without any loss of services.  This is the synergistic approach, how I plan to help bring Milton up to speed with our neighbours.

For the past few months, I’ve been meeting with residents and businesses to hear their concerns for Milton’s future.  Everyone deserves a say in how our community develops, and as your Councillor, I will always value your suggestions.  This platform is an ever-growing compilation of the great ideas our citizens have put forth.  It’s my hope that everyone reading this page will reach out to share their ideas on how we can all make Milton a great place to live, now and in the future.

The goals listed below are ambitious however many of these points have already been proposed within official plans, but they have yet to receive the support they deserve.  I will be one vote on council, but with all of your voices behind me, I will make sure my voice—our voice—will be the loudest!  Let’s see what we can do to try to make this happen.

Here’s what I, with your support, will be working for:

Keep Money in Your Pocket and Keep Milton Affordable

–  Prevent the 17.3% tax the increase by finding innovative and synergistic solutions that keep costs low while maintaining (or increasing) service levels.

–  Work with town staff and council to reduce permitting costs associated with social events.

–  Work to keep Milton affordable for the lower and middle classes and seniors.

Better Commute

–   Reduce the cost of public transit while increasing service and availability through implementing innovative solutions, such as subsidized Uber.

–   Speed up road construction through better planning and coordination, utilizing my knowledge of the construction industry.

–   Work with the province to improve GO transit service to Milton.

–   Reduce rural tax rates so they’re proportionate to the services they receive.

–   Introduce bylaws preventing transport trucks from taking shortcuts during peak hours through the downtown core, as well as on Steeles and Bronte.  Especially to keep CN’s trucks from ripping up our town.

–   Synchronize traffic signals to improve your commute

More Fun and More Community

–   Create BBQ parks with charcoal disposal boxes.  Just like Burlington parks offer.

–   Install soccer nets and on goal posts to improve the experience of playing sports in our parks

–   Investigate ways to improve rural internet and work with the town staff and business to try to make it a reality

–   Open various stormwater retention ponds and Mill Pond for public skating.

–   Designate sections of our public parks for vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

–   Simplify the permit process and reduce fees and regulations associated with events,( such as the Street Festival).  Try to make a “one-stop shop” for permits

–  Place a greater emphasis on Milton’s diversity, and inclusion at public events.

More Infrastructure

–   Use the IPD  (Integrated project delivery) construction method to deliver future town facilities and infrastructure to construction projects. (More info available in the research section)

  • Work to introduce the option for developers of paying development fees or undertaking municipal construction projects that the town values equivalent to their projects This will allow the town to save money and have municipal projects delivered faster.
  • Advocate imposing harsh penalties on builders who do not meet project deadlines (like roads).
  • Utilize my construction background to personally examine construction projects to make sure they are on time and on budget.


More Building

–   Advocate fast-track permitting for the construction of commercial space

–  Ensure that all new construction in Milton has adequate parking for residents.

–  Work within the official plan and with town staff to try to expedite development of retail and commercial space and ensure zoning needs are adequate for our growing population

More Business

–  Increase opportunities for new small and mid-size businesses through working with Milton Economic Development Advisory Committee.

–  Advocate for more diversity within the membership of the Milton Economic Development Advisory Committee and town staff. (Qualifications will still need to be paramount)

–  Introduce programs that encourage residents to visit local businesses, such as restaurants and retail establishments.  An example would be a scavenger hunt that businesses can participate in.

– Work to make it easier and more attractive to open new restaurants in Milton

Reduce Budget Deficits

–  Simply the budget presentation so everyone can easily understand where their tax dollars are going and have more power to engage in issues (without having to read through 450 pages).

–  Solve budgetary shortfalls by implementing innovative solutions, such as Uber, IPD etc.

Reduce Regulations

–  Eliminate bylaws that allow officers to issue tickets and warnings to residents parked in their own driveways.

–  Make bylaw road signage and enforcement more consistent.

–  Review and eliminate bylaws and regulations that are obsolete or detrimental to residents’ needs.